Voices of the Winners

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The jury of this year´s Stückemarkt has had its say, now it´s time for the winners to speak:


Happy Winners of the Stückemarkt 09: Nis-Momme Stockmann, Davide Carnevali and Oliver Kluck

„I don´t know either how this could have happened, but of course I have deserved to win the price. And I did not write in my play that it´s not going to win any prices but that it does not have to win any. Working together with Maxim-Gorki theatre will be fantastic and I´ve got lots of ideas already of what I´m going to do with all the dosh – new shoes for instance would be appropriate.“

Oliver Kluck, winner of the price for furthering young drama, ponders the question of whether he can still ring his parents at this late hour, because they will have to work the next day, and decides to send at least a short message to his mother.

„I´m especially happy about the fact, that I can work: The commission to write a play is not just a void price but it offers a perspective. I get in touch with theatres and am looking forward immensly to a proper co-operation. I´m not afraid of the pressure that such a binding commission brings along: that is part of an author´s everyday life.“

Nis-Momme Stockmann, winner of a commission by the Stückemarkt to write a play, is going to ring his publisher first of all now.

„I wouldn´t have thought, that my play is adaptable for radio. But on the other hand it plays with the recipient´s imagination. Being part of Stückemarkt was very inspiring for me – to finally get feed-back from competent people. Such an opportunity for young authors was new to me. In Italy, where I come from, there is nothing like it. No one there feels like investing in theatre.“

Davide Carnevali, winner of theatre-text as radio-play by Stückemarkt will perhaps call his friends in Barcelona later on.

“Someone has to do dark”

von Kristin Becker Maximilian Grosser

Woman and foreigner: British theatre director Katie Mitchell is a double minority at the German Theatertreffen. Her very first production in Germany – Franz Xaver Kroetz’ „Wunschkonzert“ at the Cologne Schauspiel – has been invited to this year’s festival. We talked to her about working in Germany, the national peculiarities of cheese sandwiches and the dark side of art. Listen to the podcast!

Katie Mitchell

A view of one's own: British theatre director Katie Mitchell. Foto: Jan Zappner

How do revolutions repeat themselves in the theatre?

von Volker Loesch

We asked the directors of all the invited productions that will be part of tt09 for a short
article in our blog and put a question to them. Volker Lösch, director of the “Marat”-production that caused a scandal in Hamburg, criticises the term “theatre-revolution”.


Staged revolution! The choir from Volker Lösch´s production “Marat- or what has happened to our revolution?”

In theatre, there are no revolutions repeating themselves
As there neither have ever been revolutions
Nor will there ever be revolutions in the theatre
Everything revolutionary is basically alien to theatre
Because it only ever deals with
The representative
There is an silent agreement
That revolutions are only ever staged
And even not made for real
Revolutions change that what exists radically
And no-one in the theatre wants that
The theatre-revolution then
Is only a figment of illusion by the press

For years you have been dealing with the history of your family: can you still tell what the truth is and what isn´t?

von Joachim Meyerhoff

We asked the directors of the invited productions of tt09 for a short blog-article by putting a question to them.
Joachim Meyerhoff, member of the Vienna Burgtheater since 2005, offers insights into his invention of truth.


Of course I know exactly what the truth is and what isn´t. But what the truth is which I consider real and what the untruth is which I consider invented, that´s what I often don´t know. I´ve found out for myself that my memories consist of completely different kinds of truths. The factual truths, manifesting themselves in irrevocable facts, above all the death of people I love or my own death, as unfathomable, absolute truths. But then there is an atmosheric truth too. My memories of certain moods, places, people, and then, very important: the invented truth.

Very often I am sure, that what I invent corresponds absolutely with the truth, but unfortunately I forgot all about it. To come to terms with this forgetting, to accept the gaps in my memory I find very hard. This is very my pleasure, but also the nessecitation derive from to smudge the line between what is generally called true and false and to look for my own definition of truth. It may sound strange, but only by inventing the past I seem to be able to rescue my memory.

Between seasons

von Cristoph Marthaler

Christoph Marthaler´s production of „Das Theater mit dem Waldhaus“ („Theatre with the House in the Forest“) which was invited for tt09 was rewarded already in March in the Artist´s hotel in Maria-Sils.
An excerpt from the director´s speech on the occasion of his 12th tt-reward.


Meeting the family: "Das Theater mit dem Waldhaus" by Christoph Marthaler at the Hotel Waldhaus in Sils-Maria. Foto: Dorothea Wimmer

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Three Questions for Martin Kušej

von Martin Kusej

We asked the directors of the invited productions of tt09 for a short blog-article by putting a question to them. Martin Kušej, born in Kärnten in 1961, explains, why he rejects the Austrian author Karl Schönherr but nevertheless considers him interesting.

Birgit Minichmayr (Weib), Nicholas Ofczarek (Junger Grenzjäger) in "Der Weibsteufel", Burgtheater Wien. Foto: Georg Soulek

Birgit Minichmayr and Nicholas Ofczarek in "Der Weibsteufel", Burgtheater Wien. Foto: Georg Soulek

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My first time as a bidet

von Davide Carnevali

When did you fall in love with theatre? What do you remember as your first dramatic encounter? Authors invited to this year’s Stückemarkt tell us about their early passions – a tt09 series, exclusive for Theatertreffen-Blog.

In my time at primary school, I must have been seven or eight years old, our class, like so many others, used to visit the Teatro Trebbo, a small theatre in Milan, once a year.

The Trebbo used to put up shows especially for primary school students, it probably still does so nowadays. These shows were matched up with the syllabus of the year, so they put on stage scientific topics like Maths, historical ones like the Egyptians or Feudalism, social themes like the use and importance of water and such like. (mehr …)