12. Mai 2010 - 10:02 uhr

The Sadness of Machines

von Shane Anderson

I just saw „Kleiner Mann – was nun?“, an adaptation of a novel from 1932 written by Hans Fallada in a production by Belgian director Luk Perceval – and I was so stunned, I think it’d be better if I said this to you in person by way of machine, i.e my video camera …

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  1. Avatar hans sagt:

    don’t really want to watch that… not for 10 minutes…

  2. Avatar oldine reine sagt:


  3. Avatar Shane Anderson sagt:

    Hey Hans,

    yes, it’s long. it was really late and i wanted to be able to talk about all the elements that interested me.

    it’s more of a vlog than a TV video piece, admittedly.

    the next piece will be shorter, I promise!


  4. Avatar hans sagt:

    Yeah or maybe you dance in front of the camera and sing your comments. With nice costumes and a turning machine. That would be better.

  5. Avatar Shane Anderson sagt:


    ENTERTAINMENT next time it is.

    i have a funny hat. maybe you can lend me a costume? a sumo wrestler would be pretty cool.

  6. Avatar Sarah Megan sagt:


    Keep up the good video work.

  7. Avatar ChristineOTheatre sagt:

    They told me to change my name. But my computer says „Noho“. They told to write less positive. But my computer says „Noho“.

    Can’t help it, Shane I love your video about „Kleiner Mann“ (even if it’s long, but why not spent some time on the blog). I totally agree, I was fascinated too.

    Cough. Cough. (hope you will understand the quote 😉

  8. Avatar Shane Anderson sagt:



    Enlighten me please.


  9. Yes, „Litte Guy, what’s up now?“ as it might be called is a very famous book that Handke once gave to his mother, and that is a book for nearly every generation with the little people being screwed especially in the junk that is put in their minds. A new edition of the Hans Fallada book appeared in the US a few years back.