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The Future Archive of Theater

von Shane Anderson

Over the course of the festival, I’ve been asking theater makers within and without tt10 about the state of German theater by asking them about the past of theater from the perspective of the future. I’ve been asking the theater makers to assess or reassess their position to the theater of now by looking out from an imaginary future. This tactic, which has been developed by two critical theorists, Manuela Zechner and Anja Kanngieser, is called the future archives and it provides a space to think about the possibility of change. I’ve asked:

Imagine you’re living in the year 2050.  Please describe the theater of 2010 as you remember it.  What’s improved?  What do you miss?

In my correspondence with theater makers, some have said they’d prefer not to discuss the future of German theater or the future at all. Others have said such speculations of ‘visionaries’ have proved to be dangerous over the course of history. But others have agreed with Manuela Zechner and Anja Kanngieser, that talking about the present in the future in the now can help us reframe our desires. These answers can be read and discussed here.

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Theater, oder was?

von Alexandra Müller

Theaterprozession durch den Wedding, angeführt vom Mini-Megaphon. Foto: Piero Chiussi

Die TeilnehmerInnen des Internationalen Forums begegneten sich in den letzten zwei Wochen in vier Workshops, unter anderem bei Chris Kondek und Hans-Werner Kroesinger. Am 23. Mai wurden in den Uferstudios im Wedding und der nächsten Umgebung einige Arbeitsergebnisse präsentiert.

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Notes on Money and Science Fiction

von Shane Anderson

Money – It Came From Outer Space! No, this is not a long lost Sun Ra record, it’s the working title of Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl’s workshop for tt 10’s international forum.

This year, the international forum, which brings together some of the best and brightest theater persons from around the world, focuses on the questions: ‚How can theater deal with the world? And what are the realities created by the art of theater?‘

In their workshop, Kondek and Kühl have developed an interesting way to deal with the world, and with money in particular. They have asked the question: what happens when we talk about money as if it were a foreign creature, as if it weren’t the self-evident means to an end whose presence we take for granted everyday? And, furthermore, what happens if we look at money as we do science fiction films? What happens if we understand money as one of these abominable creatures? (mehr …)