Via Intolleranza II – Soundcheck photos

30 minutes before Via Intolleranza II directed by Christoph Schlingensief starts, the actors are doing a soundcheck. I documented a few moments.


Nora: Hinter den Kulissen

This gallery shows the actors preparing for „Nora oder Ein Puppenhaus“, a play by Henrik Ibsen, direction and stage design by Herbert Fritsch, costume design Victoria Behr. Find another picture gallery here, showing „Biberpelz“ actors before and after make-up.

Der Biberpelz: Before/After Shoots

This gallery shows the change that the actors go through, getting ready to perform Gerhart Hauptmann’s „Beaver Coat“, directed by Herbert Fritsch. Costumes by Bettina Lauer.



Ums Festspielhaus herum