We knew from the start that all ten of the productions invited to Theatertreffen were in some way „remarkable,“ that they had something that made them stand out in the crowd of 700 performances the jury attended over the year.... weiterlesen »

Platonov – The Premiere

The final Theatertreffen 2012 production to premiere is the black sheep of the family. All its other relatives have been and gone, throwing paint on the bare walls of their sets, chatting to their audiences and, in certain isolated incidents... weiterlesen »

Watching the Clock

After the jury’s selection was announced, Theatertreffen director Yvonne Büdenhölzer named two defining features of this year’s choices: “Collective” and “Time.” Interestingly, the latter was expressed in a deliberately negative way by the festival itself: The phrase “Waste My Time”... weiterlesen »

What Is Hate Radio?

Of the five Berlin-based productions invited to the Theatertreffen this year, Hate Radio is the only one I managed to see before the festival began. That’s how I came to be in the position where I can give you an... weiterlesen »

We Need To Talk About Markus

Last night saw the performance of the first-ever collective to be selected for the Theatertreffen’s Stückemarkt. Alongside the straight-up scripts the jury trawled through in order to select five to stage in readings at the festival, the jury also received... weiterlesen »

Running the Faust-Marathon

Director Nicolas Stemann appeared on stage with a microphone at the start of nearly every section of his Faust I+II to explain the plot of Goethe’s two-part tragedy bit by bit as the performance unravelled. “Unravelled” feels like an accurate description... weiterlesen »

Your Day at TT (11)

Today’s the day the winners of the three Stückemarkt prizes will be announced (10.30pm), following the staged reading of the last chosen piece, Magdalena Fertacz’s Caliban’s Death (6pm), and the reveal of what’s been going on behind closed doors on the... weiterlesen »

The D-Word

I set myself a task during my year in Berlin to find the answer to a question that has been bothering me for a while: What Is A Dramaturg? Adding to my motivation (and time constraint) is the fact that... weiterlesen »