Regietheater, auf Englisch

We’ve done it again. We’ve borrowed a word from the German and made it our own. After “schadenfreude” and “zeitgeist”, “Regietheater” has now surpassed the translation “director’s theatre” in common usage. I first realized how serious this trend had become when Alex Ross used it in ... weiterlesen »

Day 16

1. Finishing translating an interview about Hebbel am Ufer’s next festival. 2. Spending the evening along the Panke (the other Berlin river). 3. There’s a reason why there’s no major Theatertreffen event tonight: Eurovision. Wish: To finally understand Ku’damm, with the help of Rimini ... weiterlesen »

TTtv: U TELL US / Objectification

Eine weitere Folge Begriffsdefinitionsfernsehen mit Stipendiaten des Internationalen Forums, diesmal mit Jonathan Esterkin, Amitesh Grover, Hiroko Oshima und Chong Wang. U TELL US fragt: (How) can objectification be avoided? Die Diskutanten finden eine gemeinsame kulturübergreifende Antwort. Aufgezeichnet in der Akademie ... weiterlesen »

Woman vs. Theater

I’m Bear Grylls (well, not really, but bear with me) and I’m going to show you the skills you need to survive at a German theatre festival anniversary. The two four-to-five hour productions of Every Man Dies Alone and War and Peace have helped me prep my ... weiterlesen »

Day 11

1. Listening to the differing perspectives at the Disabled people on the stage – artists or exhibits? symposium. 2. Counting the number of Primark brown bags on the U9 on my way to the Uferstudios for an interview. 3. Waiting for the reactions to the ... weiterlesen »

TTtv: Beijing Troopers

Chong Wang, (biography in German), participant in the International Forum of the Theatertreffen, a two-week programme for professional theatre-makers, discusses censorship of theatre in China, especially in Beijing. Since last year, surveillance cameras have been used in theatre venues to ... weiterlesen »