Theaterkritik: Confirmation

Ich bin ein aufgeschlossener Mensch. Ich erkenne, so gut es geht, wie verworren und komplex die Welt ist. Ich lese The Guardian. Als Liberaler bin ich mir meiner Meinung sehr sicher. Zum Beispiel bin ich mir sicher, dass der Klimawandel wirklich stattfindet. Oder, dass wenn jemand mir rassistische Bemerkungen um die Ohren haut, derjenige einfach… Theaterkritik: Confirmation weiterlesen

Baby’s First Castorf

In case you hadn’t heard, Sunday’s „Baal“ was the last „Baal.“ It was also my first Castorf. Before Sunday, I knew about as much about Frank Castorf as fellow blogger Annegret Märten (for your own primer, see her delightful post here). Honestly, I’d probably heard as much about Chris Dercon, his Volksbühne successor. BUT WE’RE NOT TALKING… Baby’s First Castorf weiterlesen

Little Sausages of Truth: „Die lächerliche Finsternis“

Note: I know Theatertreffen is over, and that „Die lächerliche Finsternis“ closed already. But sometimes our thoughts need time to marinate. #betterlatethannever Intermissions can be deadly. Welcome, for sure—we all have to pee sometimes, or buy an overpriced Laugenbrezel—but they can stall a show’s momentum, for the performers as well as for the audience. Not so… Little Sausages of Truth: „Die lächerliche Finsternis“ weiterlesen

TOP/FLOP Inszenierungen für das Internationale Forum

Die Stipendiaten des Forums nennen ihre jeweiligen TOP und FLOP Inszenierungen des Theatertreffens 2015 (ohne BAAL in der Regie von Frank Castorf).

Overcome Racism – ein Modell

Interview mit Chris Thorpe, der mit seinem Stück There Has Possibly Been an Incident letztes Jahr zum Stückemarkt eingeladen wurde und dieses Jahr beim Stückemarkt Revisited sein Theaterstück Confirmation vorstellt. In beiden Texten treten personifizierte politische Gegensätzen in Beziehung zueinander. Letztes Jahr stellte er das Modell des „anonymen Schreibens“ vor. In der Konsequenz sollte jedes Theaterstück anonym veröffentlicht werden. Nach… Overcome Racism – ein Modell weiterlesen

Stückemarkt Revisited: Chris Thorpe Interview on „Confirmation“

After being invited to the Stückemarkt last year, performer Chris Thorpe returns to Berlin with a new piece as part of Stückemarkt Revisited. Rebecca Jacobson and Annegret Märten talked to him about his show, „Confirmation,“ which is on until Saturday at English Theatre Berlin. „Confirmation,“ written and performed by Chris Thorpe Directed by Rachel Chavkin Photo… Stückemarkt Revisited: Chris Thorpe Interview on „Confirmation“ weiterlesen

Party Poopers: „Das Fest“

Wobbling out of “Das Fest,” all I can see is a swirl of red and yellow and blue and green. This image—endless confetti, showering onto the stage—is a stunning one, like cherry blossoms suddenly loosed by a springtime windstorm. And it happens at least four or five times during Christopher Rüping’s adaptation of Thomas Vinterberg’s… Party Poopers: „Das Fest“ weiterlesen

English Audio Review: Common Ground

After watching Common Ground at the Maxim Gorki Theatre our blogger Annegret Märten sat down near Museum Island with Amy Jones and UK theatre critic Catherine Love to talk about the show. Common Ground von Yael Ronen & Ensemble Regie: Yael Ronen, Bühne: Magda Willi, Kostüme: Lina Jakelski, Video: Benjamin Krieg, Hanna Slak, Dramaturgie: Irina… English Audio Review: Common Ground weiterlesen

Come on in, the water’s fine: „Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln“

In the introduction to 2009’s “Atlas of Remote Islands,” Judith Schalansky describes her book as “primarily a poetic project.” The book—subtitled “Fifty Islands I Have Never Visited and Never Will”—contains precise maps of these faraway places, and passages about the islands’ histories. The texts blur fiction and reality, and it’s rarely the stuff of an… Come on in, the water’s fine: „Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln“ weiterlesen

If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave

Tom Struyf is the sort of guy who purrs when he’s happy—say, when he’s eating Nutella. He’s the sort of guy who’s told by a girl, after their first date, that “she believes she finds him nice.” He’s the sort of guy who, as a six-year-old, put out his own newspaper, and kept publishing it, encroaching… If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave weiterlesen