Burning Down the House: A Conversation about „The State“

Annegret: There’s a black table with a square pit in the middle. It contains a stack of envelopes. A stark spotlight illuminates the table, and a microphone dangles from the ceiling. We’re seeing “The State” by Bulgarian playwright Alexander Manuiloff. Well, we’re not exactly seeing it. We’re participating in it. We’re expecting it to start but… Burning Down the House: A Conversation about „The State“ weiterlesen

English Audio Review: Die Schutzbefohlenen

Straight out of Die Schutzbefohlenen Theresa and Annegret from the blog orchestra sat down with UK theatre bloggers Megan Vaughan and Andrew Haydon to talk about the show.   Die Schutzbefohlenen von Elfriede Jelinek Regie/Bühne: Nicolas Stemann, Kostüme: Katrin Wolfermann, Musik: Daniel Regenberg/Nicolas Stemann, Live-Musik: Daniel Regenberg, Video: Claudia Lehmann, Dramaturgie: Stefanie Carp Mit: Thelma Buabeng, Ernest Allan Hausmann, Felix… English Audio Review: Die Schutzbefohlenen weiterlesen

How to know it’s a Castorf

Frank Castorf’s work has been described to me by someone like this: “When I first went to see a show, it was the weirdest thing…like I’d already seen this without actually having seen it before.” I assume this was meant not in a Oh, that’s so derivate!-way and more that his imagery and way of… How to know it’s a Castorf weiterlesen

Annegret Märten

studierte Kulturwissenschaften in Düsseldorf. Theaterarbeit am Globe Theater Neuss, Schauspiel Köln u. am Kresch Theater Krefeld. Seit 2011 Theatermacherin, Dramaturgin und Kritikerin in London. Annegret im Internet: hier und hier.

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