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„There are so many stories like this.“

Der Schauspieler Yousef Sweid im Maxim Gorki Theater. Im Hintergrund die Fotografie von Sven Johne: „Traumhotels (Lampedusa)“, Fotoserie 2012. Foto (c) Judith Buss.

In the photo shoot, actor Yousef Sweid can’t stand still—“is there something for me to climb on?” he asks. He looks at actors on break from rehearsal like a kid in a candy store. It’s so obvious that for Yousef Sweid, work is play. Lily Kelting talks with him about living and working as an Israeli-Palestinian actor in the Hauptstadt. Weiterlesen

On arriving

What is the difference between an expat and an immigrant? What is the difference between lavish spectacle and intimate conversation? What is the difference between a giant stuffed camel and an animatronic lobster? EXBERLINER stage editor and TT Blogger Lily Kelting takes the mic.  Weiterlesen