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Janis El-Bira

Jahrgang 1986, studierte Philosophie und Geschichtswissenschaften in Berlin und arbeitet seitdem als freier Journalist und Redakteur zu Theater, Film und Musik. Texte und Beiträge u.a. für, Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, Deutschlandfunk Kultur und SWR2; zudem moderiert er die Sendung „Rang 1 - Das Theatermagazin“ im Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Seit 2016 leitet er das Theatertreffen-Blog der Berliner Festspiele.

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    Zoe Hatzi


    I am interested in going to the Theatertreffen and wanted to find out more about this.

    I really like theatre and I am visiting from England and am wondering whether you would suggest anything particular to see? I know the programme is not out until April 13 but I want to plan the trip to Berlin.

    Thank you,

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      Janis El-Bira

      Dear Zoe,

      thank you for your interest in Theatertreffen. At this point, the only real advise I can give is to book your festival tickets as early as possible, as they are normally sold out in a very short time. There are performances on basically every day during the festival, so whenever you visit, you’ll certainly have a chance of catching something. What to watch depends – as usual – on your personal preferences. Performances are usually subtitled in English and at least „Real Magic“ by Sheffield-based Forced Entertainment will be in English anyways. So language should not be a problem, in case you were worrying.
      Check out the productions invited to this year’s Theatertreffen here:

      Best regards
      Janis El-Bira

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