For a beer with Jerry Killick

"Real Magic", from left to right: Richard Lowdon, Jerry Killick, Claire Marshall. Foto (c) Hugo Glendinning.

Our author joined actor Jerry Killick of Forced Entertainment’s „Real Magic“ at the table after the performance. A brief talk about boredom, loops, and chickens.

TT-Blog: Are you sometimes bored while performing?

Jerry Killick: No, never bored… When it’s going well, it’s fun. Sometimes when it’s not going so well, it’s not. But it’s never boring.

TT-Blog: What does „going well“ mean? Do you see the audience’s faces during the performance?

Jerry Killick: We don’t see their faces, but we hear them when they are laughing. And we bring our own audience with us, so we have a laugh track. So when that’s going we don’t really hear if they are laughing. When the sound track is laughing, we have no idea. So we are not that aware of the audience. When there is no sound track we are aware of the audience… So I guess when we think it’s going well is when we sense the audience is following it and enjoying it basically.

TT-Blog: Is your life a loop?

Jerry Killick: Yes, it has been for sure. There have been times in my own personal life where I was stuck in a loop. I think most people have periods of their life which are similar. It’s very easy to get stuck and most people are kind of stuck and I think as a society we are definitely stuck.

TT-Blog: Do you actually think chickens are stupid?

Jerry Killick: Not as stupid as people.

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