The Inheritance

As if someone told me to sit in front of a screen.

A white frame glowing in daylight in a wall made of black bricks. Stonewall. As if Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson were a gay couple, suddenly. Binge-watching. 30 hands, 15 mouths, 7 hours. A gangbang of emotions. Reenacting the last 30 minutes of Titanic in slow motion. Parties and politics. Privileges. Check your privilege. What is love? And how does it feel to be in love? It is about finding someone who helps you to find yourself – to identify yourself. Queer culture. Friendship. A chain of people with whom you are connected, and yet, you feel alone. Colourful leaves – a feeling of warmth and security. Brown, orange, red, and yellow. White furniture – a feeling of cold. Speaking of unrequited love, unspoken love. HIV-positive and no gays your age. Encounters with writers and their words as your words of wisdom. Books, sex, recognition. The fear of living and the fear of dying. Confrontation and understanding. Paying for sex, paying for love. Intimacy. Faking sexual experience in order to fit in because “no one ever taught us how to love”. We, the people. Connection. 30 hands, 15 mouths, 7 hours.