Free Hugs in a One-Room Democracy

Can free hugs make a better world? Probably not. But they do feel good. Berlin’s Social Muscle Club invited guests from their now-global network to host a Give-and-Take performance as part of the new “Shifting Perspectives” platform.

2004: I was walking down the streets of the Upper West Side when I saw two people (I think their names were Ted and Liz?) sitting outside a bank on little stools next to a folded cardboard sign. It read: TALK TO ME. They didn’t want money, or a signature on a petition. They just wanted to talk. Continue reading Free Hugs in a One-Room Democracy

First World Problems

Our author looks back at the opening weekend’s productions – and discovers two bold, but utterly different artistic positions about the state of things.

First world problems: addicted to Netflix, trying to meet a refugee while writing a dissertation about refugees, low-key gambling addiction. But. The disintegration of American democracy, the free press, the EU: these, too, are first world problems. Capitalism is a first world problem. Continue reading First World Problems