Seitenrang links: Death of a Salesman

After every premiere, we ask one audience member four questions about their experience during the show. Tonight’s interviewee was Tomoya Kiriyama, from Japan, who has been living in Berlin since October.

What did you find remarkable about this production?
The atmosphere and the set design.

Why did you want to see this particular production?
It’s a very famous American play, and I was interested to see a German production of an American play.

How did you get your ticket for this evening?
I bought it at the box office.

To where would you like to travel?
Well, I’m already in Berlin, so – I can’t think of anywhere.


Cory Tamler, 1986 in Berkeley geboren, stammt aus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania und wohnt in Berlin. Sie arbeitet als freie Autorin, Regisseurin und Bloggerin und zählt zu den Fulbright-Stipendiaten des Jahrgangs 2010/2011. Sie untersucht „Globalisierung auf Berliner Bühnen“. Ihre Theaterstücke wurden in Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York State und Augsburg aufgeführt.

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