8 thoughts on “Privat:”

  1. whoa. what a pigsty.

    (and what a pose)

    for some reason, I always imagined that Pollesch would have a very orderly (dare I say, ‘anal’) apartment.

    if he’s not careful, he’s going to be that crazy neighbor all the kids in the building are scared of, the neighbor who’s rumored to have ten cats lurking around his house, perching on stacks of newspapers dating back to the 1970s.

    excellent photo.

  2. Frei und mit Blumfeld: Der will kein Sohn sein, den zu lieben leicht fällt. Der will nicht aufräumen, sondern lieber Urknall spielen, mein Schatz. Der will nicht, dass wieder nur alles geordnet ist. Und wieder nur alles in Ordnung ist. Wie süß, der Kleine.

  3. @querbeet: you’re not a stalker, are you? please say we know one another in real life, please say we know one another in real life…

  4. yes yes, the bestes fotos in sis series. congrats.

    wonderfullest. also, i suspekt that sis is just his madame tussauds figurine at the pollesch museum. you’ve been tricked!

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