The Sadness of Machines

I just saw “Kleiner Mann – was nun?”, an adaptation of a novel from 1932 written by Hans Fallada in a production by Belgian director Luk Perceval – and I was so stunned, I think it’d be better if I said this to you in person by way of machine, i.e my video camera …

9 thoughts on “The Sadness of Machines”

  1. Hey Hans,

    yes, it’s long. it was really late and i wanted to be able to talk about all the elements that interested me.

    it’s more of a vlog than a TV video piece, admittedly.

    the next piece will be shorter, I promise!


  2. Yeah or maybe you dance in front of the camera and sing your comments. With nice costumes and a turning machine. That would be better.

  3. hahaha

    ENTERTAINMENT next time it is.

    i have a funny hat. maybe you can lend me a costume? a sumo wrestler would be pretty cool.

  4. They told me to change my name. But my computer says “Noho”. They told to write less positive. But my computer says “Noho”.

    Can’t help it, Shane I love your video about “Kleiner Mann” (even if it’s long, but why not spent some time on the blog). I totally agree, I was fascinated too.

    Cough. Cough. (hope you will understand the quote ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Yes, “Litte Guy, what’s up now?” as it might be called is a very famous book that Handke once gave to his mother, and that is a book for nearly every generation with the little people being screwed especially in the junk that is put in their minds. A new edition of the Hans Fallada book appeared in the US a few years back.


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