The Wolves Are Coming, The Wolves Are Coming

Preparing the Huts. Foto: Kim Keibel

As you can see, the Berlinerfestspiele is in the final stages of preparation for this year’s Theatertreffen.  Huts are being built, rocks are being spread, boardwalks are being nailed in.

Plank Walkin'. Foto: Kim Keibel

There’s a lot to look forward to this year, this year there’s even more to be excited about.  The selection, which features a number of living, working playwrights, features a number of international companies, as well as some provocative new plays about love, money, capitalism, the economy and the world surrounding us.  All of which looks promising, very, very promising.

A View Into the Theater. Foto: Kim Keibel

Likewise, we’re putting the final touches on everything here at the tt10 blog!  And while I’m hesitant to reveal all the ideas and tricks we have up our sleeves, there are a number of things to be excited about here at the English version of the blog.  My German colleagues (or is there a word for blog colleagues?  blog-eagues?) and I will be interviewing invited guests, writing theater critiques, exploring ideas and problems relevant to the festival, the plays and the city, as well as announcing important information to you, dearest reader and theater visitor.  The action begins tomorrow, and hopefully your interaction and comments will begin soon too!


Shane Anderson

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