Theatertreffen 2017: An Annotated Playlist

For the festival's closure, Lily Kelting comes up with ten reflections on the musical side of this year's Theatertreffen. Spotify playlist included!

For the festival’s closure, Lily Kelting comes up with ten reflections on the musical side of this year’s Theatertreffen. Spotify playlist included!

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1. You can’t just throw in „Heroes“ to signal that characters in your play are feeling Major Emotions. You have to earn it, okay?

2. „Space Oddity“, on the other hand, will introduce the right amount of weirdness to your ADHD theater-collage. Add a giant moonman bouncing around your production is insta-unforgettable.

3. I will forever associate „Kids in America“ with being told I was too young to watch „Clueless“, with all my friends having driver’s permits but me. But the song also, somehow, stands perfectly and equally for teenage malaise across the Atlantic as the calendar turns from 1989 to 1990 in Berlin.

4. East German 1990s punk sounds absolutely fantastic sung as motets (the QR codes in the „89/90“ program will give you an idea).

5. Ficken Fressen Fernsehen would be a great name for a memoir.

6. I thought „Traurige Zauberer“ was straight-up boring, until I realized maybe it’s a love poem to Charles Ives.

7. Did you know no less than Gustav Mahler was a fan of Charles Ives? Schönberg too. And he sold insurance his entire life. When he died, his co-workers were surprised to learn he was a composer. Can you imagine? As poetic as one of Thom Luz‘ clouds.

8. Listening to laugh tracks over and over will turn your mind to mush.

9. If the world ends with Brahms, it will begin again with Mahler.

10. Any music worth playing is worth playing loudly. Gratis-earplugs loudly. And louder than that still.



Lily Kelting

Stage editor, Exberliner magazine. Works internationally as a freelance radio producer (NPR Berlin) and writer. She holds a Ph.D. in Theatre from the University of California, San Diego. Postdoc at the Freie Universität, Berlin. Originally from New York City, she lives in Berlin.

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