For years you have been dealing with the history of your family: can you still tell what the truth is and what isn´t?

We asked the directors of the invited productions of tt09 for a short blog-article by putting a question to them.
Joachim Meyerhoff, member of the Vienna Burgtheater since 2005, offers insights into his invention of truth.


Of course I know exactly what the truth is and what isn´t. But what the truth is which I consider real and what the untruth is which I consider invented, that´s what I often don´t know. I´ve found out for myself that my memories consist of completely different kinds of truths. The factual truths, manifesting themselves in irrevocable facts, above all the death of people I love or my own death, as unfathomable, absolute truths. But then there is an atmosheric truth too. My memories of certain moods, places, people, and then, very important: the invented truth.

Very often I am sure, that what I invent corresponds absolutely with the truth, but unfortunately I forgot all about it. To come to terms with this forgetting, to accept the gaps in my memory I find very hard. This is very my pleasure, but also the nessecitation derive from to smudge the line between what is generally called true and false and to look for my own definition of truth. It may sound strange, but only by inventing the past I seem to be able to rescue my memory.


Joachim Meyerhoff

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