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Janis El-Bira

Janis El-Bira, Jahrgang 1986, studierte Philosophie und Geschichtswissenschaften in Berlin und arbeitet seitdem als freier Journalist mit Theaterschwerpunkt. Er ist Redakteur beim Theaterportal und moderiert seit 2016 die Sendung „Rang 1 – Das Theatermagazin“ im Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Texte und Beiträge zudem u.a. für die Berliner Zeitung, SPEX, Tagesspiegel, Deutschlandfunk Kultur und SWR2. Leitete von 2016 bis 2021 das Theatertreffen-Blog der Berliner Festspiele.

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    I am interested in going to the Theatertreffen and wanted to find out more about this.

    I really like theatre and I am visiting from England and am wondering whether you would suggest anything particular to see? I know the programme is not out until April 13 but I want to plan the trip to Berlin.

    Thank you,

    von Zoe Hatzi
    • Dear Zoe,

      thank you for your interest in Theatertreffen. At this point, the only real advise I can give is to book your festival tickets as early as possible, as they are normally sold out in a very short time. There are performances on basically every day during the festival, so whenever you visit, you’ll certainly have a chance of catching something. What to watch depends – as usual – on your personal preferences. Performances are usually subtitled in English and at least „Real Magic“ by Sheffield-based Forced Entertainment will be in English anyways. So language should not be a problem, in case you were worrying.
      Check out the productions invited to this year’s Theatertreffen here:

      Best regards
      Janis El-Bira

      von Janis El-Bira