Your Day at TT (4)

Having opened the festival with their Sarah Kane trilogy, the Münchner Kammerspiele continue to set the tone at this year’s Theatertreffen with director Karin Henkel’s production of Macbeth premiering tonight at 7pm on the main stage of the Festspiele. (So it’s English playwrights setting the tone too, come to think of it.)
Henkel has four out of her five-strong cast taking on multiple roles, whilst actress Jana Schulz plays a Macbeth suffering serious shell shock. Although the production isn’t surtitled, there will be the odd English line – along with some Flemish and Swiss German, but those are for more advanced linguists.
After the show you can stalk the international cast at the after-party in the downstairs foyer – or thanks to Macbeth’s mere two-hour running time you could pop round to the Seitenbühne and catch the last performance of the 2011 Impulse Festival winner Conte d’Amour by Markus Öhrn at 9.30pm.
If short and sweet’s not your thing, the second TT performance of John Gabriel Borkman is on from 4pm at the Prater on Kastanienallee. At Saturday night’s performance they spent over an hour making fun of Johan Simons’ Gesäubert (by counting to 1,500 – taking in-jokes to a whole new level) – who will fall foul to Vegard Vinge’s vicious tongue tonight? The TT-Blog will be there to find out.
Didn’t get your tickets in time? You can catch a broadcast version of Macbeth at Potsdamer Platz on 20th May.


Miriam Rose Sherwood, geboren 1989 in London, hat 2011 ihr Studium im Fach Germanistik an der Universität Cambridge abgeschlossen. Im Oktober dieses Jahres fängt ihr Master in Theaterwissenschaft am Birkbeck College London zusammen mit RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) an. Inzwischen versucht sie möglichst viel Erfahrung im Theaterbereich zu sammeln. Zur Zeit arbeitet sie als Assistentin am English Theatre Berlin und beim Internationalen Theaterinstitut in Kreuzberg. In ihrer Freizeit studiert sie Fotografie.

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