OK, OK: Reflections on “Die Schutzbefohlenen”

“Just write something!”


When the actors speak in German, there are English surtitles. When the actors speak in English, there no German surtitles.

Why is “dolphin” in all caps? DOLPHIN. DOLPHIN. DOLPHIN.

A crucifix. Evening gowns. Hoodies. Zippers. Barbed wire. Teddy bears.

What role does pity play in the theater?

After the show, in the lobby: “It’s such a German play.”

“As an American, what did you think?”

“You must have theater about refugees in America, right?”

Lampedusa is:
a. a Sicilian-style tomato sauce
b. a nickname for Milan’s star striker
c. an Italian fashion designer known for his austere silhouettes
d. other.

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