We Need To Talk About Markus

Last night saw the performance of the first-ever collective to be selected for the Theatertreffen’s Stückemarkt. Alongside the straight-up scripts the jury trawled through in order to select five to stage in readings at the festival, the jury also received project outlines from many applying theatre collectives. In the name of fair play, the judges weren’t told the names of the playwrights until the selection had been made – but choosing between outlines is not so easy without some knowledge of the creators’ background, past work, and suchlike, so in the case of the collectives this rule didn’t apply; the jury was free to google to their hearts’ content.
Their chosen collective, Markus&Markus (Markus Schäfer claims to be the first Markus in the name, Markus Wenzel begs to differ), admitted at the post-show discussion that they have a similar work process. When asked how they found the material for their project Polis3000: respondemus, they answered together with spontaneous comic timing any comedy duo would envy:

Markus S. A lot of it is –
Markus W. googled –
Markus S. collected.

So what is it that the collective was collecting? Continue reading We Need To Talk About Markus

Your Day at TT (11)

Today’s the day the winners of the three Stückemarkt prizes will be announced (10.30pm), following the staged reading of the last chosen piece, Magdalena Fertacz’s Caliban’s Death (6pm), and the reveal of what’s been going on behind closed doors on the Probebühne of the Haus der Berliner Festspiele at the rehearsals for Markus&Markus’ performance (7.30pm), which had a name before it had a form: Polis3000: respondemus.
Markus&Markus, Dramatic Arts students from the University of Hildesheim are the first “project developers” to perform at the TT Stückemarkt, although they don’t see what the fuss is about – after all, says one of the Markuses, artists have been developing performances without using a pre-existing dramatic script for hundreds of years. Still, it’s a Theatertreffen first, and excitement is in the air. Continue reading Your Day at TT (11)