The D-Word

I set myself a task during my year in Berlin to find the answer to a question that has been bothering me for a while: What Is A Dramaturg? Adding to my motivation (and time constraint) is the fact that the Master’s program in Text & Performance I’m due to begin in October offers a Dramaturgy pathway in one of the modules. I thought it would probably be wise to find out what exactly that might entail before making any rash decisions.
First I should clarify something that makes this topic even more confusing than it already is. A dramaturg will tell you that dramaturgy is not just a profession, but an inherent feature of any performance. The definition of this ‘dramaturgy of a performance’ is a whole different can of worms, and not one that I want to open right now, but we do need an idea of what it is if we’re to find out what the dramaturg’s relationship to it is, so I’ll take Tim Etchells’ definition in his article When I say the Numbers … Some Notes on Time in Performance – not least because it was the closest one to hand, at the back of the Theatertreffen 2012 magazine:
A journey with picaresque structure, from a beginning to a >middle<, through anticipation and climax, finally to closure on arrival somewhere, here, a place which did not exist before.”
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