We knew from the start that all ten of the productions invited to Theatertreffen were in some way “remarkable,“ that they had something that made them stand out in the crowd of 700 performances the jury attended over the year. But, looking back over the festival, what did the productions have in common? Here are some statistics:

Puppets backstage at "Faust I+II", Photo: Nadine Loës

7/10 productions had actors shouting lines that do not logically require to be shouted

3/10 had actors performing more than one role (multi-roling)
9/10 addressed the audience directly (broken 4th wall)
4/10 didn’t stick to the script, opting for moments of improvisation
3/10 directly and deliberately referenced the Theatertreffen festival
7/10 had lines performed in two or more languages
5/10 featured some form of nudity, ranging from bare bums to full-frontal.
5/10 included either dance routines or gymnastics
4/10 had real live children
3/10 used either puppets or animal costumes
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