The Contract of the Audience

99 pages of text, 4 hours of theater, no scheduled intermissions. Sounds like a marathon, right? Sounds potentially aggressive, potentially cruel. Did I mention that “Die Kontrakte des Kaufmanns” by Elfriede Jelinek is about the financial crisis and the evils of capitalism? Did I mention that the text resembles Jelinek’s “Women as Lovers” in its structural patterns? That the text spins around and around and goes almost nowhere? Did I mention that the text is 99 pages and that the piece is 4 hours without an intermission? But out of these daunting circumstances, Nicolas Stemann has created a wonderful, inspiring evening of theatre.

Who's Afraid of 99 Pages? Photo: David Baltzer

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Notes on Money and Science Fiction

Money – It Came From Outer Space! No, this is not a long lost Sun Ra record, it’s the working title of Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl’s workshop for tt 10’s international forum.

This year, the international forum, which brings together some of the best and brightest theater persons from around the world, focuses on the questions: ‘How can theater deal with the world? And what are the realities created by the art of theater?’

In their workshop, Kondek and Kühl have developed an interesting way to deal with the world, and with money in particular. They have asked the question: what happens when we talk about money as if it were a foreign creature, as if it weren’t the self-evident means to an end whose presence we take for granted everyday? And, furthermore, what happens if we look at money as we do science fiction films? What happens if we understand money as one of these abominable creatures? Continue reading Notes on Money and Science Fiction