Blogrundschau: interne und externe Lesetipps zum Theatertreffen

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Konradin Kunze auf Skype

Stefan Konarske as young journalist and Seyneb Saleh as the daughter of the hotel porter in Konradin Kunze's "foreign angst". Foto: Piero Chiussi

In foreign angst, Stückemarkt playwright Konradin Kunze sets a German sort-of journalist in a sort-of Arabic country, war-torn and rundown and, simply put, not the way Kunze’s protagonist imagined it. The play explores the German “Angst” (fear) of what’s strange to us, but Kunze says you can pronounce the title any way you like – although an English “foreign” and German “Angst” fits the piece’s multilingual leanings. After the reading of his play I talked with Kunze via Skype, that faithful friend that so often accompanies us when we travel far from home.

Warning: German ahead!

Konradin Kunze Interview from theatertreffen-blog on Vimeo.

Below are some tidbits about Kunze and his work that didn’t fit into our Skype interview. Continue reading Konradin Kunze auf Skype